Corporate Seminars


Improving Selling Skills:  The Best Communicators Make the Very Best Sales Professionals

Selling, is the art of telling the story about how your team will be the best solution to filling their needs for quality products and services


Trade Shows: A great Place to “Show & Tell” to new audiences

Capturing the attention of attendees, so you can share your company’s goals to best serve your client’s needs.  This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate that you’re a better choice and that you know how to be a benefit to the mIn this seminar we focus on BOOTHMANSHIP.  This seminar, half an hour to 1 hour in length, trains people in the art of working a booth and using the display, based on my experiences over 4 decades. Through anecdotes and humorous examples, attendees will learn:

•    How to start conversations with walkers (attendees who don’t stop walking)

•    How to schedule appointments in advance of and at the show;

•    Four things never to do inside a booth

•    How to attract attendees without doing anything illegal


Networking: Turning any gathering into a business opportunity

Knowing who to talk with at a gathering, what to ask and what to share can make all the difference in earning new business opportunities

Event Marketing: It’s your Show, Now You Must Tell Event Marketing:

Creating an event that captures their imagination and opens their minds to the excellence of your company and what to have to offer


Prospecting: The Hunt for Gold

Finding new business prospects is one of the most important areas that can bring new business growth.

Presentations & Proposals: One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A well designed picture draws them to your thousand words and allows you to demonstrate the Benefits and Features of your products & Services in a most appealing way


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