Corporate Events Create the paths to Branding Opportunities!

There are many ways to create a better image for your company, one of the most powerful ways is to strengthen team spirit within your employees. 

When they feel like a part of your team they will represent your brand far better than people that just show up, go through the motions and take a pay check. 

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is with organizes Team Building Challenges.  Our programs are year round and continue to engage your team with positive energy.

Following is an overview of some of the tools we employ


We invite you and your teams to be  guests at your event, let us do the work.

It really is that simple. When you enlist our event professional, we become a part of your event team. 

The stronger the team spirit becomes, the greater the productivity, the greater the productivity, the better your products and services become and  the greater your profits become, and that speaks volumes for your image and your company’s brand.





We are the picnic experts! For more than 35 years we have helped companies transform their annual outing from obligation to anticipation.

The comment we hear most often is “That was the best picnic I have ever been to”. Why? Because an Event Pros Group professional will help you find the right location and provide the perfect mix of entertainment and catering within your budget. We can also turn your next outing into a companywide teambuilding event which makes that a most cost effective addition…


Your holiday happening will be unforgettable! It’s a most wonderful time of the year, time for family, friends and… the company holiday party. Whether you celebrate the holidays with your employees by hosting a party for your staff and their families or if you have a dinner party just for the adults, we can help you make this year’s event different and better than ever.


Team Building

Event Pros Group has been creating original and fun team building programs since 1981. Our approach is to teach serious team building lessons using humor and interaction. We create programs to help corporations create and foster a sense of team spirit within their organization. We have programs consisting of a coordinated variety of team think and team-do activities.

The EPG programs can run independently. They can be implemented as part of the company picnic, or as a part of company meetings. There are an infinite number of combinations all of which can be tailored to reflect company goals, event message, or policies and can be a part of a company “Event Marketing Program “.

One of the strongest keys to success is to create programs that are entertaining, challenging and speak to company goals. We like to call it… “Infotainment”.


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