Event Design


It generally begins with “Let’s have a party” Then the work begins…

Simply stated there are guidelines for successful event design that will hold true for almost any event. They are the 6 W’s for a winning event…

Why, When, What, Where, Who, & Will

Why are we having this event?
Why will people attend?


Who will be invited?
Who will represent us as hosts and hostesses and our team?
Who will be our Celebrant and will they be a draw to the event?

When would be a good time to host the event?
When should we send a hold the date?
When should we send the invitation?
When would it be a good time for us & our invitees to be able to create & attend When do we make the final decision as to having the event so it’s timely




What will the event message be, is it a Milestone Celebration, Product launch, a Team Building Event, or a Holiday Party? 
What do we want to accomplish or celebrate?
What will our expectations be?
What will the incentive be for our invitees to attend?
What form of invitation are we planning, will it excite, delight and invite attention?

Where will we host the event?
Is it in a location that is easy to get to?
Is the location unique and one that guests will want to be at?
Is it easy to reach with public transportation if necessary?
Is there easy access to parking?


Will your event design accomplish all your goals and represent you the way that you deserve to be seen?
Will enough of your invited guests attend to make it worthwhile?
Will you have enough resources o make it a great happening?
Will you event message (if there is one) be subtle but clear?
Will you engage the resources of a professional event Designer / Producer or will you have your in-house people make all the arrangements instead of doing their regular business tasks?



When we consider all the W’s and our goals are clearly defined, event success is imminent 
When we are prepared to utilize adequate resources, event success is imminent
When we create excitement about the event, event success is imminent

There is an old, but powerful saying that applies to all events…
Nobody Plans to fail, but WOE is to those that fail to plan”.




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