With a well-planned Fund Raising event success is measured by the reaction to the program and who returns next time.

Event Themes generally add a decorative spark to the event and might include Viva Las Vegas or Monti Carlo. Others would be 50’s 60’s or 70’s theming or if the event is near Halloween a costume ball is a winner.



Vegas Style Nights, if run properly can be a great Fund Raising concept. Vegas players’ donations go a long way to creating revenue for the group. Players look forward to winning the prizes or other rewards.

It is important to have exciting entertainment including strolling magic, great music (played at reasonable sound levels) along with other tastefully entertaining options.






Casino Royale is a great fund raiser as it takes no skill and every player wins on every play. Of course there are really great prizes for the big winners as well.

If your Fund Raising initiative is a FUNdraising event, it is more likely to result in a winning effort. Keep the speeches to a minimum and celebrate the honorees with memorable gifts.





Keeping the event flowing with entertaining interludes, that might also include a dinner Show featuring an illusionist or a mentalist. Of course your celebrants should be invited to star in the dinner show wherever possible.






Departing Favors are always welcome way to say good night they might include a photo of the attendee with their guest or even a bag of bagels for the morning… It’s a nice way to say thank you for caring enough to attend.

Setting the stage for success with a new theme every year is most important. Remember no body pans to fail, but woe is to those that fail to plan.




A trip down the Yellow Brick Road to that winning feeling
If it isn‘t fun it shouldn’t be run
A memorable FUNdraising event will bring them back next time
If they are bored you haven’t scored
Set the pace for a memorable event and everyone wins




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