Carnival Games:

Carnival Games should be challenging, but not too difficult for the young as well as the young at heart.

Family and Corporate events using beautifully presented, player friendly Carnival Games without the “Carney Influence” will be the hit of any Corporate of Family event.

With Corporate events the games can be themed to enhance the vision of the corporate message. Corporate team building events using these themed carnival type challenges create team spirit; team spirit results in better productivity which always creates winning profits for the company.

Rewards for winning can vary from small plush or candy to major prizes while infusing corporate mission credibility.

Carnivals can also be used as a FUNdraising event. Typically each play, takes from 6-10 seconds yielding positive results and more and more opportunities for players to win. Some carnival games can also be effective as trade show stoppers offering rewards to participants.

Traditionally Carnival Games bring back wonderful memories of fun times shared with family and friends… Step right up and win a teddy bear.

Carnival Games are a FUN-for-all opportunity
Games are for the young and the young at heart
Wining is for those that hit the mark
Brings out the inner child
Who can resist winning a teddy bear
Be a winner in under 10 seconds


Las Vegas Style Games:

It’s never a Gamble when charities and not for profits organizations offer Vegas Style games as a part of a Fundraiser.

Everyone wins at fundraiser Vegas Nights when they get to play their favorite Vegas style games like Black Jack, Texas Hold-em, Roulette, Craps, Caribbean Stud Poker, Five Card Draw, Seven Card Stud and the ever popular Wheel of Fortune.

Another Les daunting Vegas Style game is called Casino Royale, With Casino Royale every player wins every time they play, and some win grand prizes. This Vegas Style game requires absolutely no skill, and, you can’t lose!

Vegas nights also make for an interesting team building opportunity where teams play the Vegas style games and establish great team spirit.

Successful Vegas style gaming nights are often augmented with other entertainment for those that would rather not play the Vegas style games. These other entertaining additions often include Strolling Magicians, Mentalists, Disc Jockeys, Carnival Games, and a Night at the Races gaming.

Las Vegas Style gaming is a most popular and entertaining way to energize corporate retreats, family gatherings, Holiday Happenings, and other milestone celebrations for Families, Corporations, Not for Profit Fundraisers, Clubs and Associations. It’s Never a Gamble to plan a night of Vegas Style gaming for people.

You don’t have to travel to Nevada or the Jersey Shore to play
Pull and ace and you’re on your way to a win
Great FUNdraising ideas


There are so many entertaining games that can be added to any event some simple and others outrageous. Think how much fun it would be when we organize a photo safari where your guests must solve the riddle, find the location and take a FUNkey picture to prove their success.  When you create FUN you create Memories.



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