Speaking Engagements


As a motivational speaker, Marty’s passion for sharing his knowledge, brings new understanding and positive energy to his audiences.


Marty has delivered Key Note & Motivational talks all over the country at Meetings, Conventions, Associations, Churches, Temples, High Schools, Universities, Private Schools, Camps, Libraries and Clubs.

One of Marty’s goals in a presentation is to take the unmotivated, and mold them into confident, positive and forward-thinking individuals that believe in themselves.

About the Presentation 

These presentations are designed to motivate people as they will be Excited and Infused with new energy and a positive new direction.

Some of the subjects that Marty presents are:

  • Positive Sales Process, (The subject of his 1st book: “How to Sell the Brooklyn Bridge and other Stuffon sale at Amazon
    • It has been said that his seminars are like “Spring Training” for new and experienced sales professionals.
    • Trade Show “Boothmanship” This is a most important area for all that are considering presenting at any trade show.
    • Team Building
    • Networking
    • FUNdraising
    • How to create a positive and memorable special event, (the subject of the book he is writing now)
    • The positive importance of education and the choices that we face with and without it, (this could be for parents and for the students)

Whenever possible, we custom design all talks for the groups that we are addressing. We want to include at least 3-4 areas of importance that the host would like their attendees to come away with.

Buy Marty’s Book: “How to Sell the Brooklyn Bridge and other Stuff on sale at Amazon


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