Trade Shows:

Trade Shows are an unusually great selling opportunity. Hundreds of prospects file by the trade show booth hoping to find a good deal, a new product or service, or just to find business solutions.

The Trade Show Booth Environment or design must be inviting, it should be very well lit, and the overall message should be broadly shown and easily understood & most inviting.

If the trade show booth look says that you have solutions, & that passersby are welcome they are more likely to drop in for a short chat.

Quality Trade Show Boothmanship will determine if someone that pauses or stops into your trade show booth will represent a sales opportunity or just leave with an ad specialty.

Once in your Trade Show Booth, and you have greeted them by name (everyone at a Trade Show is wearing a badge) and offered the visitor a firm hand shake, handed them a business card, the next thing is to begin asking questions to determine if they have need for your products & services.

A positive addition to every Trade Show Boot’s Environment is a “Show Stopper”. It could be a wheel of fortune, a Clever Magician whose patter reflects your product & services and who will be an additional sales person who is also feeding attendees into your Trade Show Booth seeking more information.

Try to keep their Trade Show Booth Visit short; don’t try to make the sale of your goods and services right then & there! If they remain in your booth too long you may miss many opportunities to open new business as people will not wait while you are in conversation.

A great Trade Show strategy is to offer a 5 minute phone visit a few days later. That is after they have had a chance to sort through all the gathered information. Your call to them is to determine if there is a synergy, and a good chance to do open the door to new business.
The next appointment is to gather the information that will prepare you to makes a proper proposal; one that fits their needs.

Don’t Litter! All your important literature should be packaged and placed where you can access it easily. An overview brochure
Capture their imagination in less than 6 seconds

How to invite them to stop in

Creating an inviting booth design

Boothsmanship is its own reward

How to keep the visit short and profitable

How a 5 minute promise wins the day



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